Monday, May 11, 2015

FHE Lesson of Nephi

Does anyone remember the old-school flannel board lessons that we used as kids for FHE and Primary?  They were so great!  I found links to the them on Pinterest, but they weren't as interactive as I remembered.  They were basically just pictures from the illustrated scriptures every LDS family had, then laminated with velcro stuck on the back.

I wanted to make some FHE lessons that were a bit more involved for the family members.  I searched everywhere, but could only find a few resources that were what I wanted.

This website, the Red Headed Hostess, has paper dolls and backgrounds that are amazing!  They require a lot of work, though, to print out each piece (hair, clothes, etc.), but you can tailor them for each story.

Then this website, My Heart Vine, took the Red Headed Hostess's paper dolls and made some specifically for 1 Nephi, which is what I printed, colored, and laminated.  (I absolutely LOVE my laminator that my husband got me for Christmas last year!)  The links on her website for the printables don't work (they aren't free), so she also has them at her other website here.

Here are my final products.  I am pretty proud of them!

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